Goal is to keep going to finish new 8-book series: Jeffrey Archer

Archer has come out with Nothing Ventured, the Very First of the eight Novels of This Show That's about the Life Span of William WarwickFamous author Jeffrey Archer, who'd be 80 years a year ago, says he's taken up a challenge from his viewers to make a new personality William Warwick and his aim today will be to work on completing the remaining seven novels in the sequence.

The British writer plans to write 1 novel a year to finish the sequence.

"I feel really privileged to have had several No. 1 bestsellers across the world, and my aim today is to continue to complete the seven novels in the William Warwick series," Archer informed PTI.

While William follows the course of the lost masterpiece, he also comes up against suave artwork collector Miles Faulkner and his attorney, Booth Watson QC, that are eager to bend the law to breaking point to remain 1 step before William.

"I find that my characters occasionally lead me in another way to where I was initially going.  I do understand that William will make it Commissioner, however, who knows what's going to happen to him he states.
Archer, whose books and short stories comprise Kane and Abel and Cat O' Nine Tales, clarifies Warwick as smart, determined, respectable, innocent and type.
Assessing the theft of a priceless Rembrandt painting in the Fitzmolean Museum, he meets Beth Rainsford, a researcher in the gallery that he falls hopelessly in love , even as Beth protects a secret of her own that she is terrified will come into light.

"I made a decision to take on such a challenge and generate a new show with William Warwick because the fundamental character.  However, I did not wish to write a detective story, instead a story about a detective," he states.

Archer has come out with Nothing Ventured, the very first of the eight novels of this show that's all about the life span of Warwick -- as a family man and a detective who'll fight his career against a potent criminal nemesis.
Shortly after he finished The Clifton Tales collection, a few readers wrote asking about Harry Clifton's eponymous hero out of his own literary books, William Warwick.

He states that he has not decided about the comprehensive travel of Warwick because he believes it would not be possible to plan out at any fantastic detail an whole series.
He's presently working on the next book in the series that will concentrate on Warwick's period as a young detective sergeant in the elite medication unit.
William always wished to become a detective. 

"If he make it into commissioner will rely up to William Warwick's determination and skill because my hopes for strength -- mine, none," he states.

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